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          Marketing Essentials

218 - Entrepreneurship

Assignment Brief June 20

Assignment Brief - Suggested Template

Q1 - Appraise the theories
and practice of entrepreneurship,
enterprise and innovation
Q2 - Investigate opportunities for
entrepreneurial activity in the local,
national and global economies for
start-up and existing organisations.
Q3 - Explore the behaviours,
characteristics, competencies
and personalities of a range of
entrepreneurs and evaluate
against students’ own behaviours,
characteristics, personality and
competencies to assess their
potential as an entrepreneur.
Q4 - Evaluate internal and
external factors affecting the
development and creation of
an entrepreneurial culture.
Q5 - Analyse and discuss the
process of a business start-up
from conception to execution
Q6 - Evaluate the impact
impacting on the growth and
sustainability on an idea,
innovation or creative solution


Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief Template 1

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