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sathi akter
Aug 03, 2022
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People's generation immediately shout out that the school needs to supplement the counseling staff, but ignores the need to make up for the counseling staff. Hiring or robbing posts by way of hiring, either hurts the peace or hurts the professionals with their salary. What is absurd is that sometimes for evaluation, counseling and counseling work can only be shown in numbers, and it is not known whether students are really helped. Throwing money and hiring people is the bulk sms service simplest bureaucratic way to end a problem. But the current problem is not just in the shortage of professionals, but in the positioning of professionals such as psychologists, social workers, and psychological counselors, should they be placed in the second- or third-level community on campus? And the more core key question is, counseling and counseling are for prevention before the event and the treatment after the event. What about the moment when something happens? Who will handle it? We can only rely on unprofessional academic staff and instructors to deal with it now. We do not have a professional school security crisis management supervisor to coordinate the handling of school security incidents. Therefore, in addition to establishing a strengthened three-level network, it is necessary to establish a professional school security supervisor at the same time, in order to effectively command and assist in the lifting of the situation. It is the government's duty to provide a safe learning environment. Please face up to and reorganize the three-level guidance mechanism and establish a professional school safety supervisor. Don't mistake "Feng Jing as a horse" in order to face the severe challenges of campus safety in the future. Further reading The disturbed National Taiwan University campus: Why did these "successful people" choose to commit suicide? How to assist relatives and friends at risk of suicide? There are two suicides at National Taiwan University in three days. What can we do when we are sad? Responsible editor: Zhu Jiayi Reviewing editor: Pan Bohan you may also like
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sathi akter

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