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          Management & Leadership

Week 1

Activity - Explore the link between management &  leadership- Read article and make notes ARTICLE

Week 2

Activity 1 : Watch the TED talk​ and RBG clip​ and consider what constitutes leadership and how this may differ from management

Activity 2 : Are Leaders Born or Made? Read the article below and gather your thoughts on what you think and why? ARTICLE

Activity 2 : Is there a one size fits all approach to leadership? Read the article on situational leadership​ and consider to what extent you agree with Brent Chapman.

Week 3

Activity 1 : Cnsider how you would define motivation. Which authors have informed your thinking? Watch the TED talk​ and consider what drives individuals at work.

Activity 2 : Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Reflect on the different models and your own research. If you had the opportunity to adapt Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, what would it look like and why?

Activity 3: Create a mind map of the key points of motivational theory. Have a look at the end of the motivation chapter in Mullins for an example. Share these with your peers and seek feedback on your work.

Consider the following to help you provide a more structured evaluation of leadership and management for your chosen organisation. •What constitutes management and leadership? •Which features of management and leadership are most important at the moment and why? •What features may become more important in the future and why? •What is your organisation trying to achieve? •Which categories should effectiveness be based on? •How would you rate your organisation’s effectiveness (within each category and overall)? •What are the implications of this? •Any recommendations? •What would these recommendations depend on?

Week 4

Are the people who work for you a real team?
Not every group is a Team.In fact most of them are not See

Activity 2: Take some time to reflect on what stage of a development your team is? What are the key characteristics of your team? What questions are echoing within your team? How a leader shall act?

Activity 3 : Read the article below on the importance of communication. To what extent do you agree that good leadership is about communicating and why?

Activity 4 : Read the article below on managing teams through the pandemic. Do you agree and would you add any more? LINK

Week 5

Activity 1 : Watch the FT's short video Google's European Shakeup​ and consider the reasons why they made changes to their management structure.

✏️ Activity 2: Read the HBR's recent article A New Prescription for Power​ and reflect on which aspects you agree/disagree with. Be prepared to discuss this in your seminars and/or with your peer

Activity 1 : Watch the video Two Elements for Effective Delegation and reflect on why ineffective delegation can do more harm than good.

Exercise✏️ Activity 1 : Read the article below to get a perspective of what constitutes organisational culture? Carry out further research to see if you can find any other evidence to support or contradict that the culture in the organisations mentioned is a positive one?  LINK

Week 6

✏️ Activity 3: Read the article: Creating the right culture for change. If you were leading change in your chosen organisation, how would you do it and why?

✏️ Activity 2: Read the following articles and look for evidence that: 1. Supports the case for businesses being socially responsible 2. Suggests that CSR is an unnecessary cost 3. Suggests a link between CSR and improving corporate performance 4. Suggests ways to ensure an organisation's approach to CSR is effective. 5. Suggests ways business can be socially responsible during the pandemic.


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