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          Marketing Essentials

Strategic Business

Article 1

Article 2

Week 1 - Slides

Week 2 - Slides

Accord Hotels

Hotel Data

Week 3 - Slides

Q1 - Define a project, its
characteristics and the role of
the project manager.
Q2 - Justify the application of
the theoretical frameworks and
methodologies within a project
Q3 - Critically evaluate the
composition and management
pf teams in a project


Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief Template 1

Q4 - Formulate a Project
Management Plan
Q5 - Appraise measures to
control and monitor project
risk, quality, change and
Q6 - Evaluate project success
and failure amd disseminate
the key learning points from
the delivery of the project.

Week 4 - Slides

Week 5 - Slides

Week 6 - Slides

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