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LO1 Understand the main
characteristics, challenges
and opportunities of international
markets and strategies available
to businesses 


Lecture slides 1

Lecture slides 2

Global Debate -1

Global Debate -2

Global Debate - 3

Global Debate - 4

PO7 - Explain and analyse
the various international
marketing approaches
organisations can adopt.

Approaches - YOUTUBE - VIDEO - P7

Video Link 1 - Managing in Global Economy

Video Link 2 - Steve Jobs Organisational  


Video Link 3 - Samsung Power Structure

Class Slides

Merit 1 - Evaluate the

opportunities and
challenges that marketing
internationally presents to
an organisation.


Part 1 - Video

Part 2 - Video

P4 Explain, using

examples, the different

market entry strategies,

including the advantages

and disadvantages of


Class Slides

Assignment Brief

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